DOWNLOAD & INSTALLhttp://toolmaster.co.za/Downloads/TradeMaster_110_Customer.exeshapeimage_4_link_0

- Get updated price lists

- Accurate stocks on hand

- View current specials

- Prepare save & send orders

  from your desktop.

1. Click on the download link above.

  1. 2.Choose to ‘Save’ the file

  2. 3.Locate the file you’ve saved (it’s most likely sitting in your ‘Downloads’ folder. You can access this folder by clicking on your Windows ‘Start’ button and selecting the ‘My Documents’ folder. Inside this folder you’ll see the ‘Downloads’ folder. Double click to open this folder and look for the file named ‘TradeMaster_110_Customer.exe.zip’

  3. 4.Right click on the ‘TradeMaster_110_Customer.exe.zip’ file and choose ‘Extract...’

  4. 5.Choose your ‘C’ drive as the destination i.e. ‘Local Disc (C:)’ and click ‘Ok’

  5. 6.Go to your C drive i.e. ‘Start -> My Computer -> Local Disc (C:) and double click the ‘TradeMaster_110_Customer.exe’ file.

  6. 7.This will start the installation process. Please note you will need a valid Toolmaster Sales account number in order to install and access the application.

INSTALLATION TIPS & USER GUIDEhttp://toolmaster.co.za/Downloads/TradeMaster%20Read%20Me.txt.zipshapeimage_5_link_0

1. Download the ‘Read Me’ file here.